A Request from the Chef

In order to ensure that our guests are provided with the highest quality of food and service, Fujiya1935 carefully selects and prepares its fresh ingredients before the guests arrive for their reservation.
Due to the number of reservations we receive, as well as overlap with other guests making reservations, we kindly request that guests secure their online reservation by completing payment for their courses in advance. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We hope you enjoy your meal and that your time and experience at Fujiya1935 is a truly memorable and special one.

Dress Code :
Business casual or semi-formal required. Casual wear is not allowed (sandals, t-shirts, short pants etc.).
Children :
Children 12 years old or older and who can order a course are welcome.
(Please let us know at the time of your request for a reservation).
※ Guests who come to the restaurant with children under 12 will be refused entry.
Regarding Stairs :
Please be informed that the main dining hall is only accessible by stairs.
For safety concerns, we are terribly sorry but cannot accommodate reservation requests for guests who have too much difficulty climbing stairs. We ask for your understanding.
Being on time :
The serving of the course begins exactly at 12:00 for lunch and 18:30 for dinner.
Because of this, the timing of the dishes being served will be significantly impacted if guests are even a few minutes late. Please be advised that the number of dishes in the course may be reduced due to time constraints in some cases.
Please arrive on time, a few minutes in advance if possible, and on time for your reservation. We thank you for understanding and cooperation.

The courses are mainly comprised of seafood (various types of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and mollusks etc.) and vegetables. In most cases, it is very difficult to accommodate guests who cannot eat a majority of seafood, for reasons such as allergies. We are very sorry but the restaurant cannot provide courses to guests who fit the below description. (Requests to alter ingredients cannot be made at the restaurant.)

We are very sorry. We are unable to accept your reservation.


Meal Reservation

Date of reservation

Time of reservation

Alternative Date and Time(if 1st choice not available)

Number of people in reservation

Please input the ages of any children included in the reservation

Reservation menu

Type of seating

Reservations for the private room are available for reservations with 6 or more guests.
Please contact us regarding the booking of the private room.

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name


Hotel name or address of place of stay in Japan
Emergency Contact Phone No.

※ Please do not use hotmail.com, outlook.com or msn.com

E-mail (Confirmation)

Regarding Allergies

Please check any that apply:
Any food allergies or food that you cannot eat:

※ Please describe in detail any allergies, dietary requests or foods that any of the guests cannot eat, as well as how many guests it applies to (the request may be applied to all guests if not specified).

※ Please be informed that the restaurant is unable to accommodate any sudden dietary requests made on the day of the reservation.

Comments and Requests
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