This page is the reservation request form for Kobe Steak Ishida, in Kobe, Japan.
For those desiring a reservation in Ishigaki, Okinawa at Teppanyki Steak Ishida or Sumi-Yakiniku Ishidaya Ishigaki
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At Kobe Steak Ishida, we provide customers with the highest quality Kobe beef and ingredients. All locations provide counter seating where guests can enjoy the same finest-quality Kobe beef and style of cooking, where expert chefs grill the meat to perfection right before guests. Please note that due to a high volume of reservations and limited seating availability, after receiving your request for a reservation, one of the locations will be selected for you based on availability where we can help you secure a reservation. We kindly request that customers secure a reservation by paying for their course with a credit card or PayPal before their reservation. We look forward to serving you at our restaurant, and making your time at our restaurant, a special one.

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