Godan Miyazawa RESERVATION

Godan Miyazawa

Our Request

To ensure that customers are provided with the highest quality food and service, Godan Miyazawa confirms any allergies or preferences in advance and carefully selects, purchases, and preps courses before customers arrive for their reservation. Due to a high volume of requests and to prevent overlap with reservations, we kindly ask that customers secure their booking by paying for their meal in advance. We hope you enjoy your time at Godan Miyazawa.

  • The wearing of perfume/cologne is unallowed.Please be advised that you may be refused entry if you are wearing perfume/cologne.
  • The restaurant may accept vegetarians. However, please note that the vegetable-only course may contain a fewer number of dishes compared to the regular course, at the same price.
  • The restaurant may accept reservation requests from customers who cannot eat seafood. However, since the restaurant uses bonito fish broth for all dishes, customers who cannot consume bonito fish broth will not be accommodated and so we ask for your understanding.
  • For individuals with gluten sensitivity who cannot consume soy sauce, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate this dietary restriction. Therefore, we must decline reservations in such cases. Your understanding is appreciated.
You will receive an email once seating availability has been confirmed. Payment for your selected courses via the payment link in the email will be required in order to complete your reservation.