Reservation Mishima Tei

A request from the owner

To ensure that guests are provided with the highest quality of food, service and hospitality, Mishima-tei confirms all allergies, food preferences and requests that guests may have in advance and carefully selects the ingredients, prepares the courses and accommodates special occasions based on the information received in this request for a reservation.

Due to a high volume of requests, limited number of seating and to prevent overlap with other guests looking to make a reservation, Mishima-tei humbly asks that you secure your reservation by completing payment for your courses in advance. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We hope you enjoy your meal and that your time and experience at the Mishima-tei is a truly memorable and special one.

We are very sorry but cannot accommodate your reservation as Mishima-tei Honten can only provide beef and cannot substitute beef with other meats such as pork or chicken.


Meal Reservation

Date of reservation

【Important Notice】

We are sorry but it may take up to a week to confirm seating availability due to the restaurant's very busy schedule.

Please also note that making changes to your reservation, such as to a different time or date, after your reservation request has been made will take considerable time to process. We ask that you carefully double-check the date, time and number of guests of your reservation request BEFORE sending it. Thank you for your cooperation.

Time of reservation

Alternative Date and Time(if 1st choice not available)

1 table can seat up to 5 guests and orders of 1 type of cuisine (Sukiyaki, Shabushabu or Oil-yaki).
※ The same table cannot order different types of cuisines (such as both Sukiyaki and Shabushabu). For reservations for 6 guests or more, please click the + button and select the course for the added table.
※ You may select a different type of cuisine for the added table.

We are sorry but the Hana course is currently unavailable due to procurement issues.

Reservation menu

Number of people in reservation

Please input the ages of any children included in the reservation

※ Entry fee for children guest who are not ordering a course 1,650 yen.

Type of seating

※An additional fee is required for use of the private room.

※An additional 1,650 yen seat charge is required per guest when making a reservation.

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name


Hotel name or address of place of stay in Japan
Emergency Contact Phone No.

※ Please do not use,,, or

E-mail (Confirmation)

Regarding Allergies

Please check any that apply:
Any food allergies or food that you cannot eat:

※ Please describe in detail any allergies, dietary requests or foods that any of the guests cannot eat, as well as how many guests it applies to (the request may be applied to all guests if not specified).

※ Please be informed that the restaurant is unable to accommodate any sudden dietary requests made on the day of the reservation.

Comments and Requests
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Please check your spam/junk folder. Please also confirm that your email address is correct or you will not receive our emails. After pressing send, you should receive an automated email right away.
    You will receive an email once seating availability has been confirmed. Payment for your selected courses via the payment link in the email will be required in order to complete your reservation.